Several times per week our restaurant offers theme nights dedicated to special ingredients, activities and events.

Our theme nights give our guests the chance to get to know us better, offer the chance to make new friends and especially enable our guests get in touch with the Tuscan authenticity and our traditions, making it possible for them to discover and vividly experience our country and our farmhouse.

Here follow some examples:

The “Very Tuscan Dinner night”

The “very Tuscan Dinner” is usually offered on Saturdays to welcome our new guests like in a great big family.

It includes mixed appetizers, first course with pasta, mixed grills with salad and potatoes as well as a homemade cake.

This dinner is also a “convivial dinner”, to give our guests and their children a chance to get to know each other. Long tables are set with the food which is served on plates and bowls, and placed on the center of the tables.

The Pizza evening

Complete your holiday with a great pizza evening that guarantees fun for all ages.

The food is served in a casual atmosphere at the buffet with various types of typical Tuscan starters and salads. The pizzas are prepared with mixed toppings. They are cooked in a few minutes in our wooden pizza oven and the fragrant pizzas come to the buffet cut in pieces. Beverages of your choice with water and soft drinks for the little ones, red wine or beer that goes great with pizza!

The Porchetta evening

The famous Italian split roasted pork is a true speciality and at our Agri Resort La Forra you have the unique possibility to taste the true home-made suckling pig.

It is provided by a local and certified pig breeder and prepared and barbecued by the competent hands of Valerio, our farmer and estate manager.

The savoury and mostly boneless, roasted pork is a “must”, and an unforgettable taste of the Italian culinary tradition.
The body of the pig is gutted, deboned, arranged carefully with layers of stuffing, meat, garlic, rosemary and other herbs and then rolled and roasted over wood.

Porchetta has been selected by the Italian Ministro delle Politiche Agricole, Aimentari e Forestali as a “traditional agricultural-alimentary product”, one of a list of traditional Italian foods held to have a cultural relevance.

A unique experience and of course we recommend to pass by our restaurant before the meal, while the pork is on the spit, and take some photos!

Of course our cooks will prepare a complete menu but the real protagonist is the second course with “Porchetta”.

Show & Dinner Evening

Dedicated to a private show of our “butteri”, the mounted cattlemen of our “Associazione Dimensione Maremma” who have worked for many years with the long-horned maremma cattle of our own breeding, and who keep alive the ancient tradition.

They normally exhibit themselves with a very particular show only during the most important equestrian gala shows in Italy and Europe.

Only in 2016 did they decide to put on a private show for the guests of our Agri Resort La Forra.

You will experience the emotion of seeing these particular animals entering the ring and perform with our butteri.

The evening concludes with a delicious dinner on our panoramic terraces, while you will have the chance to meet the members of the group face-to face, ask questions and enjoy the unique possibility of this Tradition “live” on site.

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