Tuscan Wine Tastings

“Sangiovese” is the Tuscan grape of excellence. It is native of central Italy and seemingly was named by the Romans, or before, and translates as "blood of Jupiter“.

In modern Tuscan wine making, the Sangiovese plays a fundamental role in all quality Tuscan DOC & DOCG red wines, all of which are defined wine regions within Tuscany. It is even the basis of many famous Super Tuscans.

There are a lot of wineries offering wine tastings in the surroundings of our Agri Resort La Forra, however, if you are interested in a wine tasting on site, we can organize a special dinner for you: besides the wine of our own production, you will have the chance to taste various local wines. Each single course is served with a different wine that suits the food perfectly.

For groups the wine tasting dinner can be organized with the presence of an oenologist, presenting the single wines and giving detailed explanations about the choice of the wine to be matched with each dish.

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